CFF Adjustable Russian Kettlebell Weights Includes DVD,...
  • The CFF Adjustable 40 lb
  • Weights Quickly Adjust from 10 lb. - 40 lb. Simply pull the lock,...
  • The CFF 40 lb. Kettle Bell incorporates an innovative Space Saving...
  • 10 lb. Handle The 10 lb. weighted handle of the kettle bell can be...
  • (6) 5 lb. Weight Plates The kettle bell has six 5 lb

This adjustable kettlebell presents a mixture of performance and high build quality; with a weight range of 10 to 40 lbs through 6 weight increments, the Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is versatile enough to be used by the majority of people, especially beginners and intermediates willing to be in shape or improve their current body condition.

If you are looking for a flexible kettlebell that will not only help you achieve your fitness goals but will fit easily in your house, then look no further because the Cff 40 lb adjustable kettlebell is there for you.


Weight Range – 10-40lbs

Weight Settings – 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 lbs

Dimensions – not available.

Handle Width – wide handle.

Ease of Adjusting Weights – The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is based on a pull/twist lock, very easy to use; it takes a couple of seconds to remove the weight plate, re-lock the system and continue with your workouts. The bell feels very secure through all the weight settings; the plates make a little to no sound while swinging the kettlebell. Finally, the weight plates are very small in size meaning that you don’t need much space to store them as you can simply stack them in the corner away from your working space.

Easy to use in workouts? – The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell’s design makes it easier for both beginner and experienced users to perform any traditional kettlebell exercise. The locking mechanism is simple and alls quick weight changes, making it easier to do ciruit training. The handle is wide enough for two-handed exercises, and the finish is very smooth and smartly toned/textured to provide a constant strong grip through all workouts.

This kettlebell comes with a free kettlebell workout DVD to help beginners even more with their kettlebell training.

Who is this product made for?

Based off of the traditional Russian kettlebell, the Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is made to provide all that a regular kettlebell can offer but better. This adjustable kettlebell will help beginners achieve their fitness goals (lose/gain weight, increase vascularity, improve mobility, improve posture, etc). It will also help intermediates take their regular exercises to the next level, as the versatile weight setting and the speed of the weight adjustment mechanism, will allow an experienced user to perform the most complex workout routines such as drop sets or supersets. The off-balance design allows a free range of motion which means that any regular kettlebell exercise can be done with this adjustable kettlebell yet with more control over the weight. Some of these exercises include: the swing, the snatch, squats, lunges, rows, biceps curls, presses, triceps extensions, etc. The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is also a space and money saver, ideal for new timers looking to buy their first bell but who are still confused about what weight to start off with.

Does this compare to other brands?

Costing you only $122, The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is a very durable kettlebell; it is made out of quality materials, and the finish on the handle allows a constant comfortable grip that will last for many years. Such quality can be found in any adjustable kettlebell from solid brands like Powerblock, Kettlebell kings, Iron masters, etc. and with a slightly higher retail price range of $180-$199.99. The kettlebell’s performance is top-notch, the center of gravity might shift when adjusting to a new weight setting but the bell is well-balanced all the time it, the weight adjustment mechanism is very fast as well and performs quietly compared to some adjustable kettlebells from brands like Adar or Mir Pro, Rogue, etc.  The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell has everything you’re looking for in kettlebell but relatively cheaper than many other products.


  • Has a wide weight range.
  • Very versatile. (6 weight increments)
  • Can be used to perform any regular kettlebell exercise.
  • Small in size, can be stored anywhere.
  • Replaces seven kettlebells, saving you a lot of money and space.
  • Wide handles, suitable for new timers.
  • Has a simple “pull and twist” lock mechanism.
  • Relatively low in price.
  • Comes with a free workout DVD.


  • Doesn’t support extra weight expansions.
  • Center of gravity shifts depending on the weight setting.
  • Makes a slight noise when swinging it.
  • Only comes with one color way.


The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is a tough competitor in the market, the product is exactly as described, and people have been making incredible results using it.  The handle is wide and provides a strong grip; the body is made of high-quality metals which will make it durable even when used roughly. Also, The weight changing mechanism is one of the fastest out there; all these features allow a beginner to perform all his workouts with easy and allow an intermediate to raise the bar and create a more challenging workout to make even more progress. The Cff 40lb adjustable kettlebell is a great quality for the price, and you’ll never have to worry about buying another kettlebell for the next few years.