Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell Handle
  • Lifetime warranty, all metal construction
  • QLKB handle weight: 22.5 lbs
  • Weight plates and locking screws shown in some images not included -...
  • Comfortable and easy to control
  • Works with the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells

Weight Range – 25-80 lbs

Weight Settings – 22.5, 27.5, 32.5, 37.5, 42.5, 47.5, 52.5, 57.5, 80 lbs (other weight settings are available when using different locking screws and the 2.5 lbs weight plate).

Dimensions – 7.75 x 7.75 x 11.75 tall at 57.5 lbs and 13.75 tall at 80lb.

Handle Width – Wide (comfortable for 2 hands)

Ease of Adjusting Weights – the weight adjustment mechanism is designed to keep the adjustable kettlebell safe and secure to perform, especially during heavy movement, Therefore the mechanism is a relatively slow. That being said, the kettlebell has a square base which makes the adjustment process much easier, and when you choose to buy one of the two weight combos you will be having 8 weight increments that can easily be stacked when you’re not using them.

Easy to use in workouts? – The Ironmaster quick lock adjustable kettlebell handle is designed to create a smooth performance similar to any regular kettlebell. The top of the handle has a spherical/rounded shape similar to the kettlebells available at your local gym; this makes the adjustable kettlebell capable of being used in any traditional kettlebell movement. The weight adjustment mechanism is simple, very secure but not so fast, it is ideal when strength building workout routines.

Ironmaster is a solid and well-known brand, mostly due to its quality adjustable dumbbells. However, the company also has some high-quality solutions for kettlebell users such as the ironmaster quick lock adjustable kettlebell handle.

This handle is specially made to simulate or to replace a large set of kettlebells that can cost a lot of money and take up a lot of space. The adjustable kettlebell handle’s weight increments are compatible with the adjustable dumbbell ones from the same brand, which can save you more money if you already have the adjustable dumbbells or willing to buy one.

The handle is perfectly wide for both hands yet is well shaped to fit one, it also has a durable tone of texture that provides a very strong grip allowing users to perform intense and heavy movements with ease. Weight increments that are compatible with the Ironmaster adjustable kettlebell/dumbbell can be bought individually, or you can choose to buy one of Iron master’s two offers, the combo 57.5 and 80 (Recommended). If you’re looking for a challenging adjustable kettlebell that won’t take too much space,  will go easy on your pocket, and will eliminate the need for any extra kettlebells for a while, then the ironmaster quick lock adjustable kettlebell handle is the one for you.

This offer consists of buying the handle + weight kit alongside it; this kit increases the weight range from a standard 22.5 lbs to 57.5 lbs through six 5 lbs weight plates and a single 2.5 lbs weight plate. The 57.5 combo option will make your adjustable kettlebell handle a virtual replacement of a full kettlebell set, saving you both money and space. The combo costs $199.99.

The 80 combo option

The second combo is even better than the first one, as you get to buy the handle, the first weight kit that comes with the 57.5 combos and another weight kit that consists of one heavy 80 lbs weight plate. The 80 combo is the ultimate money saver if you’re planning on having the full package. The combo costs $259.

Who is this product made for?

The ironmaster quick lock adjustable kettlebell is made to be used at home by intermediates when performing different workout routines with various medium weight settings, helping them progress even more in their kettlebell training. The adjustable kettlebell can also be used by advanced athletes looking for heavy weight settings to match their body’s capabilities or create a challenging workout routine that would improve their strength even more. The bell can be used to perform all sorts of movements and exercises such as: squats, goblet squats, lunges, swings, snatches, biceps curls, etc. The handle/ weight kits combo will offer a quite big number of weight settings allowing a full and precise control over the difficulty of any exercise or workout routine.

How Does This Compare to Other Brands?

This adjustable kettlebell handle has been in the market for a while, and it is a strong competitor among other adjustable kettlebells, it is very durable and offers many weight settings at once that no other kettlebell can offer. The ironmaster quick-lock adjustable kettlebell handle’s handle quality, design, and performance are as good as any adjustable kettlebell from brands such as Powerblock, Titan Fitness, kettlebell kings and many other brands. That being said, the weight settings are not as versatile as the kettlebud adjustable kettlebell handle, but it is more balanced and quieter during heavy movements and intense workouts.


  • Has a wide weight range.
  • Made out of high quality and durable materials.
  • Designed to perform deficit-free
  • Compact in size and can be stored
  • Compatible with other products from ironmaster.


  • To benefit from the full weight range, buying the two weight kits is a must.
  • Relatively high in price.
  • Only comes in one color.
  • Not beginner friendly.
  • Slow weight adjustment mechanism.


The ironmaster quick-lock adjustable kettlebell is an all-in-one kettlebell; it is safe, durable and will play a huge part in achieving your fitness goals. The adjustable kettlebell is very versatile when it comes to weight settings, especially when you choose to buy one of the combos (57.5 or 80). Having in mind that the handle and weight increments are compatible with the ironmaster adjustable dumbbell, the deal offered here is too good to miss.